Human Sensors – sounds rather technical, but actually puts the human in the center and is made to support human users:

Human perceptions, opinions or observations are becoming exploitable as key assets in the technological environment of Big Data, Industry 4.0, the Internet of Things and Digitalization.

Pay attention to the human! It is your most intelligent, important, and established sensor and source of information, and crucial for your business success. The bandwidth of human perception, the ability to interpret, and human world knowledge are extremely valuable and unmatched by technology. Human language enables the communication of any kinds of observations, perceptions and very complex circumstances. In a sense, humans emit high-quality information that could not have been grasped by any of the hardware sensors applied during production, testing, or use.

Our technology treats each text as a sensor message, and thus values the human as a central sensor in your enterprise. To capture and process texts as sensor information, the Vidatics GmbH has developed the Metis Text Analytics Engine. The challenge was to structure diverse text information in a way to make it usable for solving a variety of tasks and meeting the needs of a variety of potential users (your employees, decision makers, or customers). This is the challenge we have taken on.

“Actionable Insights – with the aim to keep the human in the center of your enterprise.”

Our solutions address and consider many recent developments and trends, like Big Data, Smart Data, Business Intelligence, Digitalization and the Industry 4.0. Even in the Internet of Things, we see the human in a key position. We are firmly convinced that decisive information for your business success is created by humans and meant for humans to interpret.

  • a customer reviews a product you have produced or sold
  • a production worker writes a quality control message during the manufacturing process
  • an employee takes part in an open text employee survey
  • a customer sends a message to your contact center
  • a founder writes a businessplan and hands it in
  • a repair shop employee writes a report
  • and many more…