A Solution for Manufactures and Market Research

Manufacturers of consumer goods are faced with a strong market competition. Especially, for electronic products the innovation cycles have become shorter than ever. Product developers and product managers are constantly in search of those excitement features and value drivers that lead to market success.

Our software-as-a-service solution Visineer enables manufacturers to conduct market research at the push-of-a-button. Online customer reviews are analyzed automatically by our unique text analytics algorithms.

What are the unexpected aspects and features of products?

What are the strengths, weaknesses, unique selling propositions, contexts of use or hints on target groups?

Do customers report important issues such as design flaws, material failures, lacking durability, defects, usability issues, problems with components or insufficient product descriptions?

Such information is extracted automatically by Visineer and manufacturers are enabled to readily explore the details. Different of these insights are relevant for different departments within a manufacturing company such as product management, product development, marketing or sales and they may also influence strategic decisions. It is not only the own products a manufacturing company should care about, online reviews yield the same information also for competitors’ products.

A unique holistic view on the market
can be gathered.